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A Little Trimming Keeps Trees in Shape

Just like your hair, trees need to be cut to keep them looking neat. Tree Scapes Inc. provides customers in Wilmington, Delaware, and surrounding areas with full-service tree trimming that includes crown thinning at your request. When we finish the job, your trees are both healthier and more attractive.

A Little off the Top & Sides

There are many reasons for trimming tall, overgrown trees. Sometimes they block light from entering your home or your backyard. Tree limbs close to power lines could spark a fire, while dead limbs could fall at any time and cause damage.

Safeguarding Against Limbs

Falling limbs are a matter of great concern after a storm, especially when the trees are located along driveways, pedestrian paths, or near your home. Tree trimming ensures that such branches are removed before they pose any potential threat to people or property. To make sure your trees are safe and beautiful, we also do:

• Tree Pruning
• Tree Planting
• Tree Cabling
• Crown Removal
• Crown Thinning
• Crown Lifting
• Pollarding
Pruning Branch