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The Right Trees for Your Property

Landscape is the first thing a person notices when they arrive at your home or business. If you are among the millions who are conscious about the curb appeal of your property, look no further. Tree Scapes, Inc. is well-known for our tree planting services and top-level maintenance of lawns and gardens in Wilmington, Delaware, and surrounding areas. Our goal is to make your home's yard or business' grounds look fantastic.

Planting Is Just the Beginning

We don't just plant trees; we make sure that they grow healthy and safely. If you're not certain about soil nutrients or whether new trees will live, our highly trained staff will determine the suitability of your soil and plant the appropriate trees.

No one can ever guarantee the full safety of a tree, but our experts provide you with health and risk assessments of your trees. This information is useful in identifying possible weaknesses long before they become major problems. To help you create the landscaping you want, we also offer:

• Tree Transplanting
• Tree Relocation
• Tree Moving
• Tree Care
• Emergency Service

Total Tree Care

The health of trees can greatly impact the overall impact and impression of your property or establishment. Our professional team assesses the trees to see if there are any preexisting diseases or insect infestations.

Additionally, we perform root protection and soil care recommendations to provide long-term preservation of the landscape and trees as assets. Canopy analysis, valuation services, and tree inventory services are offered as well — even during current expansion or construction phases in the property.

Tree Trunk and Branches